Scholarly Publications

Can the Nation Afford a Senior Citizen As President? The Age Factor in the 1996 Election and Beyond

April 1997

Disabling illness has been widely observed among national leaders. This is hardly unexpected because many of them govern at an age when there is a high incidence of debilitating disease.

Steps on the Road to Privatization: A Preliminary Report on the Saratov Aviation Plant

June 1992

This report outlines the problems faced by Saratov Aviation Plant (SAP) in its efforts to create an employee-owned joint-stock company in present-day Russia.

How it Feels to Get Old

July 2004

Some years ago, I spent a sabbatical year as a fellow at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, doing research and finishing a book.

Other Publications

No Need for All These Nukes

January 2012

OVER the last three years, as I delved into the world of American nuclear weapons, I felt increasingly as though I had stepped into a time warp.


Abrams: Presidency too demanding to not have upper age limit for candidates

March 2008

Herbert L. Abrams, CISAC member-in-residence and Stanford professor of radiology, emeritus, looks at the issue of a presidential candidate's age and its effect on decision-making.

Siegfried Hecker awarded 2008 Los Alamos Medal

September 2008

CISAC Co-Director Siegfried Hecker has been awarded Los Alamos National Laboratory's highest honor, the Los Alamos Medal.

Old Events

The Dynamics of Change in Global Energy Systems

April 2, 2008

The world’s energy infrastructure stands on the brink of a major revolution.

Nuclear Deterrence in the 21st Century: the Role of Science and Technology

April 9, 2009

Abstract: This talk discusses the evolution of nuclear deterrence in the post-Cold War and Post-911 environment.  An examination of the historic role of deterrence and past trends in stockpile...