Scholarly Publications

Organizations and Global Warming

December 2010

Introduction This essay examines the two biggest environmental polluters, the oil and coal industries, and the possibilities of renewable energy that could replace them.

Gas & Geopolitics: The Foreign Policy Implications of Energy Import Dependency

May 2010

In recent years, much attention has focused on the dangers of dependency on energy imports.

Making Nuclear Energy Work

March 2008

The search for solutions to two growing crises--human induced climate change and the loss of cheap oil--places nuclear energy front and center.

Other Publications

2012 winners of The William J. Perry Prize and the Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

June 2012

Stephen Craig: "Tamed Tiger or Restless Beast?

The Flawed Logic of Striking Iran

January 2012

Matthew Kroenig's argument for preventive military action to combat Tehran's nuclear program -- "Time to Attack Iran" (January/February 2012) -- suffers from three problems.

Technology Can Nudge Climate Change Politics

October 2011

Reducing carbon-dioxide emissions is primarily a political problem, rather than a technological one.


Honors students win accolades for undergraduate research

June 2012

CISAC's honors program is a year of rigorous research and work, which culminates in the production of a senior thesis, with guidance from Stanford's renowned faculty.

2010 Firestone Medal and Perry Prize recipients selected

May 2010

Stanford seniors Sam Stone and Ashley Lohmann have been awarded the Firestone Medal and Perry Prize, respectively, for their theses on energy import dependence and the Jihadist terrorist threat to...

Old Events

Oil-Gotten Gains: Petrodollars, Abscam, and Arab American Activism, 1973-1981

September 22, 2016

Abstract: In the 1970s, soaring oil prices provided huge revenues to oil producing Arab countries, which, together with private Arab companies and individuals, invested billions of dollars in the U...

Special CISAC Seminar: Honors Student Award-Winning Presentations

June 5, 2012

Special CISAC Seminar  Stephen Craig Recipient of The Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research  “Tamed Tiger or Restless Beast?

Risk and Game Analyses: From Engineering to the Social Sciences

November 3, 2011

Elisabeth Paté-Cornell is the Burt and Deedee McMurtry Professor in the School of Engineering and has been chair of the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University since...