Scholarly Publications

Simple Model for Calculating Ballistic Missile Defense Effectiveness, A

August 1998

This paper develops a probabilistic model that can be used to determine the number of ballistic missile defense interceptors required to meet a specific defense objective, given the technical...

Deterrence and Defense: Opportunities for a Future European Defense Policy

March 1997

The renewed American debate over ballistic missile defenses (BMD) echoes loudly in NATO, in Europe, and in France.

How Much Ballistic Missile Defense Is Enough?

October 1998

This paper examines how well future U.S. national and theater missile defense systems will have to perform to meet reasonable defense objectives as a function of the level of the threat.

Other Publications

Strategic Missile Defense: Necessities, Prospects, and Dangers in the Near Term

April 1985

On October 30, 1984, a workshop met at the Stanford Center for International Security and Arms Control to examine near-term prospects for and alternative approaches to strategic defense.

Reagan Strategic Defense Initiative: A Technical, Political, and Arms Control Assesment, The

July 1984

This study by an eminent scientist, a former U.S.

U.S.-Russian Cooperation in Missile Defense: Is It Really Possible?

April 2003

The idea of cooperation between the United States and Russia in the area of missile defense has been popular in Russia since at least the early 1990s.


Pavel Podvig receives Szilard Award

April 2008

The American Physical Society has honored CISAC's Podvig for helping a establish in Moscow "a center for scientific study of arms control, for landmark analyses, and for courage in supporting open...

Arms control workshop honoring George Bunn explores obstacles to nonproliferation

June 2004

Those who advocate nuclear arms control have many reasons for concern, with obstacles including a lack of public interest in the issue; inadequate security controls at facilities storing nuclear...

Boost-phase missile defense debate continues

July 2004

Dean Wilkening's comment is the lead letter responding to a January 2004 "Physics Today" article, "Report of the APS Study Group on Boost-Phase Intercept Systems for National Missile Defense:...


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