Scholarly Publications

Arms Control, Compliance, and the Law

May 1988

The expected degree of compliance with agreements or treaties under negotiation must be inferred from the record of the past as well as from the expectations that are raised by the willingness of...

Peace Operations: From Short-Term to Long-Term Commitment

December 1996

By developing a strategic approach to the implementation of peace accords in civil war, the United Nations can better the odds for ending a war and fostering development in the long run.

U.S.-India Nuclear Cooperation Agreement: Final Congressional Approval is Conditioned on Future Steps by India and two International Organizations

December 2006

At their meeting in India in July of 2005, President George W.

Other Publications

Negotiation and Strategy: Understanding Sanctions Effectiveness

January 2010

Despite extensive and ongoing debate about economic sanctions, policy makers disagree about their effectiveness.

U.S and Turkey: Rebuilding a Fractured Alliance, The

July 2006

As a model of a democratizing and secular Muslim state that has been a stalwart ally for more than 50 years, Turkey is of enormous strategic importance to the United States and Europe, especially...

Unconventional Partners: Australia-India Cooperation in Reducing Nuclear Dangers

October 2009

What is the problem?Progress towards reducing nuclear dangers is currently hampered by entrenched divisions between Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty members and non-members, and between Western and...


Needed for Iran: U.S. muscle, European diplomacy

November 2004

In this International Herald Tribune op-ed, Alan Isenberg suggests that Europe and the United States combine their respective carrot and stick approaches to set firm benchmarks for Iran to comply...

Real superpowers negotiate: Op-ed by CISAC honors graduate

December 2006

The Bush administration should set aside its "anything-but-Clinton" policy toward North Korea and move to end a dangerous stalemate with that country, write Professor Robert C.

It's either nukes or negotiation

July 2003

In a Washington Post editorial, William J.

Old Events

Information Security at 100

February 22, 2005

Despite an interesting prehistory, the field of information security we know today dates from the introduction of radio at the beginning of the 20th century.

International Nuclear Forensics

March 6, 2007

Plutonium (Pu) and highly enriched uranium (HEU), the fissile material that is the sine qua non of nuclear weapons, manifest fingerprints that are unique to the manufacturing processes employed in...

Conventional and Dual Use Technology Export Control Legislation in the European Union and the United States: How Legislative Convergence Is Being Undermined by Administrative and Strategic Divergence

March 1, 2007

Noah Richmond (speaker) is a CISAC Zukerman Fellow and a Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation fellow.


Implementation of Peace Agreements in Civil Wars

July 2022

Until recently, analysts of civil war focused their attention on the negotiation of peace agreements and paid scant attention to the implementation process.


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