Scholarly Publications

Effects of September 11: A Rift Between Europe and America

July 2004

Covering the intricate facets of America's most important democratic tradition, this book serves as an important resource to understand how citizens' views are translated into governmental action....

Gender and Restructuring: Perestroika and Soviet Women

December 1993

Chapter in Democratic Reform and the Position of Women in Transitional Economies, edited by Valentine Moghadam.

Other Publications

Lessons of Okinawa

July 2003

As the American military extends its stay in postwar Iraq, the risks of political and social friction will rise.

Ask the Experts: Preventing Sexual Violence

June 2012

Former CISAC fellow Dara Cohen, currently an assistant professor at Harvard University, wrote a co-authored blog post for the Council on Foreign Relations, discussing how to prevent sexual violence...

Beyond Malala: Progress for Pakistan's Women

May 2013

CISAC Affiliate Anja Manuel, along with co-author Justine Isola, illustrates Pakistan's young but vibrant women's rights movement.


Women’s equality in China focus of research by CISAC honors student

July 2013

CISAC 2013 Honors Student Flora Wang heads to China on a Fulbright scholarship to study gender equality and reforms to China's outdated Marriage Law.


Morality, Gender, War

October 24, 2000

Workshop: The movement of suicide bombing and how it is reflected in our thinking about social behavior in the social sciences

November 22, 2002

The act of suicide can take many forms and is an old "way out". However, the act always engenders some sort of statement in the community left behind.

Assessing Social Support for Suicide Bombing

April 10, 2008

Dr. Chiozza investigates the popular basis of support for suicide terrorism carried out against Americans and other Western targets in Iraq.