Scholarly Publications

China's Telecommunications: Present and Future

June 1997

By the end of 1995, China had built the world's ten largest telecommunications networks and the industry was growing at a faster rate than any other sector of the booming Chinese economy.

Internet in Turkey and Pakistan: A Comparative Analysis, The

December 2000

The Global Diffusion of the Internet Project was initiated in 1997 to study the diffusion and absorption of the Internet to, and within, many diverse countries.

Nuclear Smuggling Chains: Suppliers, Intermediaries, and End-Users

February 2003

This article analyzes the supply and demand sides in nuclear smuggling, as well as intermediaries between them, based on the 700 illicit trafficking incidents collected by the Stanford Database on...

Other Publications

Real Putin, The

July 2003

Who is Vladimir Putin?

No Need to Reset the Reset

September 2011

Russia watchers in the West cannot be surprised that Vladimir Putin is on his way back to the Russian presidency.

What's Next for Medvedev?

October 2011

Russia will soon have another liberal ex-president. Twenty years ago this December, Mikhail Gorbachev stood in the Kremlin as the Soviet flag was lowered and replaced with the Russian tricolor.


Best hope for Hussein trial is to validate rule of law in Iraq

December 2005

What should we expect from the trial of Saddam Hussein? Full justice will likely elude the court, since Hussein faces only a partial list of possible charges.

U.S. can help Liberia break with its violent past

January 2006

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's inauguration as the president of Liberia marks a watershed in the country's tumultuous history. Liberia's historic moment provides the U.S.

Russian students practice diplomacy in CISAC arms control exercise

July 2006

Forty students from nine universities across Russia came to Yaroslavl, 150 miles northeast of Moscow, to participate in an arms control exercise led by CISAC director Scott Sagan and FSI director...


Anti-Terrorist Finance: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

January 18, 2006

The assumption that states can and ought to stop the flow of funds to terrorist organizations deserves greater scrutiny.

Crisis Bureaucracy: Homeland Security and the Political Design of Legal Mandates

October 19, 2006

Dara Kay Cohen is a PhD candidate in political science at Stanford University and was a fellow and research assistant at CISAC in 2004-2005 and 2005-2006.