Scholarly Publications

Impact on Global Warming of Development and Structural Changes in The Electricity Sector of Guangdong Province, China

March 2000

This paper examines the impact on global warming of development and structural changes in the electricity sector of Guangdong Province, China, together with the possible effect of international...

Terrorist Speech and the Future of Free Expression

December 2005

On June 16, 2002, Dennis Pluchinsky, a senior intelligence analyst at the U.S. Department of State, wrote an article in the Washington Post calling for censorship.

Fueling the Future: Mongolian Uranium and Nuclear Power Plant Growth in China and India

September 2009

Increased nuclear electricity generation in China and India presents uranium suppliers such as Mongolia with an opportunity to develop its uranium and nuclear industries.

Other Publications

Verifying the Agreed Framework

April 2001

A joint Stanford University-Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory team of scientists, nuclear engineers and arms control experts has concluded in a new study that North Korea's compliance with the...

Security in a World with Expanding Nuclear Power

August 2008

Nuclear energy is a clean and relatively economical source of electricity, generating nearly one-sixth of the world’s electricity today.

Technology Can Nudge Climate Change Politics

October 2011

Reducing carbon-dioxide emissions is primarily a political problem, rather than a technological one.


A crude awakening: Five FSI scholars talk to Stanford magazine about energy security

December 2006

Michael May, Michael McFaul, Scott Sagan, David Victor, and John Weyant talk to Stanford magazine for the November/December cover story on energy security.

A World Free of Nuclear Weapons

January 2007

An op-ed by George P. Shultz, William J. Perry, Henry A.

Thomas Isaacs: The future of nuclear

March 2011

As Japan's troubles continue, CISAC's Thomas Isaacs discusses the future of the nuclear industry.

Old Events

On the Uranium Enrichment Program in Brazil

June 6, 2006

On May 5, 2006, Brazil officially inaugurated a plant that will produce enriched uranium to supply the country's two nuclear power reactors.

Main Issues Related to Nuclear Energy Expansion Around the World

February 25, 2009

Abstract: The expected increasing world energy demand makes it necessary for us to seriously and urgently study the questions of global warming due to greenhouse gas effect emissions and the...

Nuclear Energy in Growing Economies: Mongolia and North East Asia

May 27, 2009

Long-term demand for nuclear fuel is high as demonstrated by the continued rise in activities such as uranium mining and milling, enrichment, and fuel fabrication.


Critical Infrastructure Resilience

The Critical Infrastructure Initiative builds the cyber-resilience of critical infrastructure through methodologically diverse outputs-oriented research and engagement with end users and homeland...