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Scholarly Publications

New Dimensions of the International Security System after the Cold War

April 1996

Executive SummaryThis paper considers the emerging structure of the international security system after the end of the Cold War.

Do We Need Arms Control If Peace Breaks Out?

September 1990

The world is facing truly breathtaking changes, in particular from the socialist countries.

Other Publications

No Need to Reset the Reset

September 2011

Russia watchers in the West cannot be surprised that Vladimir Putin is on his way back to the Russian presidency.

Is the Elephant Learning to Dance? The Diffusion of the Internet in the Republic of India

April 2002

Published in conjunction with the Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC), Georgia Institute of Technology.


Stanford's McFaul is next ambassador to Russia

December 2011

Michael McFaul, a senior fellow at FSI and President Obama's top Russia advisor, will be Washington's chief diplomat in Moscow.

How to Keep the Bomb From Iran

January 2007

Preventing the unthinkable The ongoing crisis with Tehran is not the first time Washington has faced a hostile government attempting to develop nuclear weapons. Nor is it likely to be the last.

Want to stop the nukes? Make nice

November 2004

"We've been down this road before: A crisis threatens global security, and the international community is not coming together to deal with it," writes Alan Isenberg in this Los Angeles Times op-ed....

Old Events

The Politics of Nuclear Development: China as a Case Study

October 10, 2011

Nuclear energy is politically sensitive.

The Nature of Technology

April 12, 2010

This is part of the Stanford seminar series on Science, Technology, and Society. AbstractHow do transformative new technologies arise, and how does innovation really work?