Scholarly Publications

Constructing the Field of Terrorism

March 2019

Abstract: This chapter reviews the evolution of Martha Crenshaw’s interests in and approaches to researching terrorism, a trajectory that begins in the 1960s and extends to the present.

Strengthening IAEA Safeguards: Lessons from Iraq

April 1993

This paper examines technical and institutional possibilities for improving the ability of the international safeguards regime to prevent or slow the spread of nuclear weapons.

Other Publications

Technology Can Nudge Climate Change Politics

October 2011

Reducing carbon-dioxide emissions is primarily a political problem, rather than a technological one.

9/11 and the makers of history

September 2011

After 9/11, the administration of US President George W Bush initiated the era of the global war on terror. For many, this was a misguided response to terror attacks.


UN leader urges Stanford students to reach beyond borders for peace

January 2013

Despite a troubling tally of crises around the world, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is hopeful about the future, and says he gains inspiration from the younger generation.

Martha Crenshaw awarded $500,000 to study terrorist patterns

October 2009

Crenshaw, a senior fellow at FSI's Center for International Security and Cooperation, has received a National Science Foundation grant to identify patterns in the evolution of terrorist...

Martha Crenshaw, pioneer in terrorism studies, joins CISAC

October 2007

Martha Crenshaw is a pioneer in terrorism studies, one of a handful of scholars worldwide who started investigating the subject long before Sept. 11, 2001.


The Knife, The Bomb, And the Spoken Word: Psychological Warfare And the Origins Of French Counterinsurgency In Algeria, 1954-1962

January 21, 2016

Abstract: In November 1954, French Algeria erupted in violence.  Confronted with a growing nationalist revolution, French authorities turned to not only to repression, but to a radical program of...

The Declassification Engine 2.0: Exploring the History of Official Secrecy and the Future of Open Government

October 29, 2013

About the Topic: Recent revelations indicate the extent to which the government has used data-mining as a tool for surveillance, and the lengths to which it used official secrecy to conceal the...

Strategies for War Remembrance in Cinema

April 7, 2011

This panel of experts will focus on the question: Should we film war?