Scholarly Publications

Multinational Approaches to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

April 2010

Introduction With the recent attention to new nuclear power, the challenge of managing the spread of nuclear technology has increased.

Russia's Second Chechen War: Ten Assumptions in Search of a Policy

December 2000

The military campaign unleashed in Chechnya in September 1999 was portrayed by the Russian leadership as a limited and carefully targeted counter-terrorist operation aimed at eliminating the threat...

Other Publications

Nuclear weapons' future ripe for discussion

December 2011

The supercommittee's failure to reach an agreement on debt reduction will probably result in unexpected reductions of the U.S. nuclear arsenal.


FSI names intelligence expert Amy Zegart CISAC co-director

June 2013

Amy Zegart, one of the nation’s leading experts on national security, intelligence and foreign policy and a CISAC faculty member, succeeds Tino Cuéllar as the next co-director.

Book Review: The Gunslinger

July 2008

FSI senior fellow Stephen Stedman reviews John Bolton's book, Surrender Is not an Option, in the July/August issue of the Boston Review.

Nuclear treaty 'not a failure' despite challenges, says first U.S. arms control general counsel

May 2005

This month opened with a bleak couple of weeks for the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).


CANCELED: Beyond NATO: A New Security Architecture for Eastern Europe

January 8, 2020

CISAC will be canceling all public events and seminars until at least April 5th due to the ongoing developments associated with COVID-19.------------------------------------------------------------...

Deciding Not to Go Nuclear: The Swedish and Swiss Cases

January 14, 2010

David Holloway is the Raymond A. Spruance Professor of International History, a professor of political science, and an FSI senior fellow.

How the World Disarmed: The History of Nuclear Abolition 2009-2025

April 9, 2009

Scott Sagan is a professor of political science and co-director of Stanford's Center for International Security and Cooperation. He is on sabbatical in 2008-09.


Consortium for Research on Information Security and Policy

As part of a response to growing government concern over the threat of cyber attacks directed against critical national infrastructures, the National Security Agency (NSA) contracted with Stanford...