Scholarly Publications

China's Security Dilemma to the Year 2010

October 1997

Whether China can achieve its economic and political goals depends very much upon whether PRC's domestic stability can be maintained and large-scale devastating military conflict, either internally...

Imagined Enemies: China Prepares for Uncertain War

July 2006

This is the fourth and final volume in a pioneering series on the Chinese military.

Reforming Intelligence: Obstacles to Democratic Control and Effectiveness

December 2007

These days, it's rare to pick up a newspaper and not see a story related to intelligence.

Other Publications

President Obama’s Asia Overdrive

November 2011

When Asia’s leaders gather in Honolulu next week for the annual Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, Americans will get a glimpse of the Obama administration’s hyperactive Asia agenda.

Stop Ignoring Taiwan

May 2012

In an article for Foreign Policy, Karl Eikenberry makes the case for the United States to invigorate its relations with Taiwan and outlines the work needed to make this a reality and stabilize...


North Korea's nukes

October 2003

A panel of five foreign policy experts, including CISAC Co-director %people1% and SIIS Senior Fellow %people2%, debated issues of North Korea and nuclear weapons on October 17, 2003 in a discussion...

Beijing tries to read mixed U.S. signals in Korea diplomacy

May 2004

Washington's ambiguous policy on how to address North Korea's nuclear proliferation has stymied Bejing's efforts to orchestrate a negotiated resolution. Op-ed by John W. Lewis.

The real nuclear threat is to America's bases

September 2005

The six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear weapons raise public concerns about whether Pyongyang will indeed dismantle its nuclear weapons program or whether it will pursue long-range nuclear...


The Transition to Afghan Sovereignty: Assessing Progress and Identifying Challenges

January 31, 2012

Ten years into the war in Afghanistan, Payne Distinguished Lecturer Lt. Gen. Karl W. Eikenberry, the former U.S.

Away from the Keyboard? The Challenges of Command and Control over Cyber Operations

March 7, 2013

ABOUT THE TOPIC: Nearly all scholars writing about the potential for cyber war conclude that states, assumed to be unitary rational actors, are unlikely to use offensive cyber capabilities.


Regional Conflict and Cooperation

Regional conflicts present their own set of unique challenges to the international community.


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