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President Obama’s Asia Overdrive

November 2011

When Asia’s leaders gather in Honolulu next week for the annual Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, Americans will get a glimpse of the Obama administration’s hyperactive Asia agenda.

Is the Elephant Learning to Dance? The Diffusion of the Internet in the Republic of India

April 2002

Published in conjunction with the Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC), Georgia Institute of Technology.


Thinking inside the box needed to secure borders, write CISAC professor and colleague

December 2005

The president's border security and immigration reform proposals won't protect Americans from the gravest cross-border threat: the possibility that a ship, truck or train will one day import a 40...


A Sea Change in Proliferation: the Examples of Iran and Burma

March 29, 2010

AbstractThe Nuclear Suppliers Group, the Zangger Committee, and the Missile Technology Control Regime are all "supply-side" nonproliferation regimes.  They were created when "high-tech" really was...

Blowing Stuff Up: Globalization and the Political Geography of Insurgents, Pirates, and Terrorists in Southeast Asia

December 7, 2006

Justin Hastings is a fifth-year PhD student in political science at the University of California, Berkeley, who specializes in East and Southeast Asian politics, nuclear weapons policy, and...