Scholarly Publications

Conference on Police Reform in States under Transition

December 1996

On March 4 and 5, 1996, the Stanford Center for International Security and Arms Control, in conjunction with the Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict, convened a research planning...

Other Publications

Between Restoration and Revolution in Iraq

April 2003

For supporters of democracy, there is nothing more exciting or memorable than the fall of another dictator.


CISAC Honors graduate awarded a Rhodes Scholarship

November 2011

Congratulations to Anand Habib, selected this weekend for a Rhodes Scholarship. Habib, a biology major, was a Class of 2011 CISAC honors graduate.


Explaining Sexual Violence During Civil War

October 16, 2008

Dara Kay Cohen, the 2008-09 Zukerman Fellow, is a Ph.D.

Nation Building from Germany to Iraq

March 1, 2005

Ambassador Dobbins will review the American and United Nation's experience with nation building over the past sixty years and explore lessons for Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond.