Xue Litai

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Xue Litai

Xue Litai

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Since 1984 Xue Litai has worked on the Project on Peace and Cooperation in the Asian-Pacific Region at CISAC. He has frequently exchanged points of view with foreign security specialists and has participated in academic conferences on Northeast Asian security issues. His research focuses on global and regional factors that could cause armed conflicts across the Taiwan Strait and the impact produced by the crisis upon the security and stability of the Northeast-Pacific region.

Xue has co-written the following books: China's Strategic Seapower: The Politics of Force Modernization in the Nuclear Age, with John Lewis (Stanford University Press, 1994); China Builds the Bomb, with John Lewis (Stanford University Press, 1988); and Uncertain Partners--Stalin, Mao, and the Korean War, with Sergei Goncharov and John Lewis (Stanford University Press, 1993).

His articles include "Evolution of China's Nuclear Strategy" in John C. Hopkins and Weixing Hu ed., Strategic Views from the Second Tier: The Nuclear Weapons Policies of France, Britain, and China (University of California at San Diego, 1994); "China's Military Modernization and Security Policy" in Korean Journal of International Studies 24 (4) (Seoul University, Winter 1993); "Chinese Strategic Weapons and the Plutonium Option (U)," co-authored with John W. Lewis, in Critical Technologies Newsletter (U.S. Department of Energy, April/May, 1988); and "Strategic Weapons and Chinese Power: The Formative Years," co-authored with John W. Lewis, in The China Quarterly, December 1987).