Kevin Chen

Research Assistant

Katy Gabel Chui

Communications Manager

Deborah C. Gordon

Executive Director, Preventive Defense Project

Andrea Gray

Andrea Gray

Associate Director for Administration and Finance

Rosanna Guadagno

Director, Information Warfare Working Group

Alida Haworth

Research Assistant

Tracy Hill

Tracy Hill

Administrative Associate; Receptionist

Carole Hyde

Carole Hyde

Administrative Associate, Project on Peace and Cooperation in the Asian-Pacific Region

Danielle Jablanski

Cyber Policy Program Manager

John A. Lee

Finance and Research Administration Manager

Gabriela Levikow

Research Assistant

Marisa MacAskill

Fellowship and Student Programs Manager

Taylor McLamb

Taylor Johnson

Research Assistant to Amy Zegart

Chelsea Papa

HR and Special Projects Associate

Elliot Serbin

Elliot Serbin

Research Assistant to Siegfried Hecker

Emilie Silva

Events Planner