John H. Tilelli, Jr.

John H. Tilelli, Jr.

Consulting Professor
Senior Adviser, Preventive Defense Project

not in residence


John H. Tilelli, Jr. joined CISAC as an affiliate in September 2013. 

In over 30 years of Army service, in which he attained the rank of General, Tilelli held a variety of diverse and increasingly vital positions, culminating his career as Commander in Chief of the United Nations Command and the Republic of Korea/United States Combined Forces Command and Commander of United States Forces Korea.

His responsibilities in all assignments spanned geopolitics, programming and budgeting, congressional affairs, organizational design, and development of training methodologies and leadership and management of large organizations with multiple functions and missions.

In the course of his career, General Tilelli gained a reputation for managing multi-billion dollar budgets, developing mid and long-range strategies, worked with industry to innovate and apply advance technologies to both the battlefield and peacetime functions of the armed forces. He has been assigned around the world, worked with the national leaders from many nations, and has a rare understanding of the changing international environment affecting our nation.