Yunhua Zou

Yunhua Zou

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Ms. Zou Yunhua (retired Senior Colonel) was born on 17 March 1943, Hunan, China.  For years she was an arms control expert and the coordinator of Program on Arms Control at the Foreign Affairs Bureau of former Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense(COSTIND). (The former COSTIND has changed into the Department of General Armaments since 1998). She served in this Department till her retirement.

Graduated from Shanghai Institute of Foreign Languages in 1962 she was then for about 15 years engaged in defense science technology information research work specializing in nuclear testing, nuclear test ban, nuclear fuel cycle and space technology etc.

At the end of 1979 when China decided to send a government delegation for the first time to the Conference on Disarmament (CD) based in Geneva of Swiss she began to engage in the CD matters and so she became one of the small number of pioneers in China who dealt with CD negotiations and its related research.

From 1983 to 1996 she attended the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva almost every year and participated about 20 sessions (each session is about 3 months) of CD as an expert and officer of Department of National Defense and an alternative representative of the Chinese delegation to CD. She dealt with 3 items of CD agenda: Nuclear Test Ban(Item 1);Prevention of Arms Race in Outer Space(Item 4); New Types of Weapons of Mass Destruction and New Systems of Such Weapons: Radiological Weapons(Item 6). She was very active in these talks and presented a lot of speeches on behalf of the Chinese delegation at the negotiation table.

From the very beginning of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) negotiations early 1994 to almost the end of these negotiations she was a negotiator and an expert of the Chinese Delegation to the negotiations. She participated as an expert in most of the CTBT expert group meetings of both seismic and non-seismic verification techniques and On-site Inspection(OSI)as well held in CD.

She participated in a number of important international meetings related to non-proliferation, such as the 1995 Review and Extension Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) held in United Nations (UN), New York during 17 April - 12 May 1995 and its Preparatory Conference in New York early 1995. She also participated in the New York Signing Conference of CTBT on September 24, 1996.

She was a visiting fellow at Center of International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) of Stanford Univ. in 1997 -1998 and published by CISAC two of her research papers titled "China and the CTBT Negotiations" and "Chinese Perspectives on the South Asian Nuclear Tests".

She wrote an article in 1999-2002 titled "Biological Weapons and Disarmament - A Chinese Perspective" and it is compiled as a chapter in the book "Meeting the Challenges of Biological Warfare and Disarmament in the 21st Century" edited by Prof. Susan Wright of Michigan Univ., published by Rowman & LITTLEFIELD Publishers, Inc. in 2002.

She was a visiting fellow again to CISAC of Stanford Univ. in 2004-2005. Her research paper "Preventing Nuclear Terrorism: A View from China" was published in "The Non-Proliferation Review" July 2006, Volume 13, Number 2, by Monterey Institute of International Studies.

For the last a couple of years she has focused her study on Non-proliferation issues and counter terrorism. 

Other Affiliations

Senior Colonel (retired), The People's Liberation Army (PLA), People's Republic of China