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Cargo airplane with cargo and the Brazilian flag

Explaining Latin America's Contradictory Reactions to the War in Ukraine

Commentary / April 27, 2022
Nearly every Latin American country opposed the U.S. war in Afghanistan in 2001. Most also opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Why is the region more divided on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine today?
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Siegfried Hecker (second from right) visits the secret Russian nuclear city of Sarov in February 1992.

Siegfried Hecker: Putin has destroyed the world nuclear order. How should the democracies respond?

Q&As / April 21, 2022
One of the world’s foremost nuclear security and policy experts, Sig Hecker has spent much of an illustrious career working to enhance cooperation among US and Russian scientists and their governments in hopes of reducing nuclear risk.
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Bomb exploding

Poll: Russia’s nuclear saber-rattling is rattling neighbors’ nerves

Commentary / April 15, 2022
While Ukrainians fight or flee Russia’s bombardment of their cities, many Europeans feel a palpable, renewed nuclear fear.
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Ukranian President Zelenskyy in a green shirt, clasping his hands

What is Ukraine’s best security guarantee?

Commentary / April 12, 2022
Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified war on Ukraine has run nearly seven weeks.
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Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks and her team meet at the Hoover Institution with students and faculty from the Gordian Knot Center.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks Discusses Importance of Strategic Partnerships with Stanford Faculty and Students

News / April 12, 2022
A visit from the Department of Defense’s deputy secretary gave the Gordian Knot Center a prime opportunity to showcase how its faculty and students are working to build an innovative workforce that can help solve the nation’s most pressing national security challenges.
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Satellite orbiting around Earth

Russo-Ukrainian War Highlights Cyber Threats to Satellite Communications

Commentary / April 12, 2022
Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine demonstrates that hypothetical scenarios of cyberattacks paralyzing satellite communications are already taking place.
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Two men in a video conference

Through the Glass Darkly: Ukraine and the Question of Genocide

Commentary / April 11, 2022
What is genocide? Did the Soviet Holodomor (man-made famine) in 1930s Ukraine fit this definition? Do the recent atrocities in Bucha? Has the Russian military conducted itself in a similar manner in prior conflicts? Is there a pattern there? Find out as Sean Patrick Hazlett meets with Stanford Professor Dr. Norman Naimark.
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Are We Dumb about Intelligence?

Q&As / April 5, 2022
Amy Zegart on the Capabilities of American Intel Gathering
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Headshot of a man

What Happens If There’s A Nuclear Attack

Q&As / April 5, 2022
Nearly 70% of Americans surveyed by the American Psychological Association said they worry the invasion of Ukraine could potentially lead to nuclear war and they fear that we could be at the beginning stages of World War III.
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Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Russia-Ukraine: A Negotiated Settlement will be Difficult

Commentary / March 31, 2022
All wars come to an end. One side may be conquered, the attacker may give up and withdraw, or the warring parties can negotiate a settlement.
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Man smiling

Russia’s ambitions, Ukraine’s resistance, and the West’s response

Commentary / March 28, 2022
On March 15, as the Russia-Ukraine war neared the three-week mark, Brookings experts held a discussion on developments in the conflict so far and what might be coming.
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BrahMos Missile.

Not much happened after India’s accidental cruise missile launch into Pakistan—this time.

Commentary / March 25, 2022
India accidentally fired a cruise missile into Pakistan on March 9, 2022. The missile was not armed and no lives were lost. Both sides projected calm in the incident’s aftermath. Still, the incident raises questions about the safety of India’s cruise missile systems, especially given the real risk of accidental escalation between nuclear-armed adversaries.
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Woman smiling

Long in the Making: The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Q&As / March 18, 2022
A week before Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, unleashing the biggest military operation in Europe since World War II, three experts on Russia were interviewed on Zoom and email by Carol Giacomo, chief editor of Arms Control Today, about the origins of the crisis and what an eventual solution might involve.
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Dr. Hebert Lin

Experts puzzled as to why Russia has not launched major cyber attack against Ukraine or US

News / March 17, 2022
A few possible reasons: the United States has been helping Ukraine strengthen its cyber infrastructure, U.S. cyber offensive forces may have been disrupting Russian attacks against Ukraine, and the Russians may not be capable of conducting such a large-scale attack.
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Backlit keyboard

Israel and Iran’s Cyberwar Is Increasingly Targeting Civilians

News / March 16, 2022
In 2010, the world was introduced to Stuxnet, a sophisticated malware developed by Israel and the United States that successfully targeted and damaged the Iranian uranium enrichment plant in Natanz. Named “the world's first digital weapon,” Stuxnet changed the way the global security communities perceived the range of cyber threats.
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President of Russia Vladimir Putin Meeting with members of the Government (via videoconference).

The World’s Most Dangerous Man

Commentary / March 16, 2022
Putin’s Unconstrained Power Over Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal. Putin has turned his government into a personalist regime: a system in which he monopolizes meaningful authority.
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CISAC Scholars Martha Crenshaw, Rose Gottemoeller, Norman Naimark, Megan Palmer; photos courtesy CISAC

Introduction to Issues in International Security

News / March 15, 2022
A new video curriculum series is released.
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The BADGER explosion on April 18, 1953, as part of Operation Upshot-Knothole, at the Nevada Test Site.

The truth about nuclear deterrence

Commentary / March 15, 2022
Putin might well believe that a world without Russia in its rightful position of power is not worth existing. We can’t be sure of what Putin is thinking, or whether his decision making is compromised – all we can do is prepare for the possibility of Russia’s use of nuclear weapons.
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 Kharkiv after shelling on 15 March 2022 during Russian invasion of Ukraine. Emergency service of Ukraine reports damage of 3 five-story apartment buildings.

Tacit rules to avoid a NATO-Russia war

Commentary / March 14, 2022
While the United States and NATO have sided squarely with Ukraine, the victim of an unprovoked invasion by Russia, US and NATO officials have also made clear their desire to avoid a direct military clash with Russia.
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A Mig-29 'Fulcrum' executing a high banking Port turn at the Karup airshow.

The challenges of transferring military aircraft

Q&As / March 11, 2022
Q & A with Dr. Dean Winslow and Ben Lambeth
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Two woman in video call

International Security and Cooperation on the 60th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Q&As / March 10, 2022
The Cuban Missile Crisis dealt not only the United States and the Soviet Union, but other countries around the world, what I call a short, sharp shock. We recognized how devastating would be the effect of nuclear war, and we decided we really did need to talk together about how we were going to control and limit those risks.
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Russia globe

Russia vs. Ukraine: How does this end?

Commentary / March 10, 2022
On February 24, Vladimir Putin launched the Russian military on what he termed a “special military operation,” his euphemism for a massive invasion of Ukraine.
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rocket shooting in the air

How to Stop a New Nuclear Arms Race

Commentary / March 9, 2022
With Russia Going Rogue, America Must Cooperate With China
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man in suit

Contemporary humanitarians: Latin America and the ordering of responses to humanitarian crises

Commentary / March 8, 2022
The paper looks at how Brazil, Chile, and Mexico approached debates on humanitarian intervention norms in the early 2000s. These countries attempted to simultaneously address humanitarian crises collectively and prevent abuses of humanitarian norms by great powers.
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Three people in hard hats

Stanford scholars visit the only operating rare earth mine in the United States

News / March 8, 2022
A three-person team from CISAC toured the only domestic mine producing rare earths, which are critical for the modern economy.
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