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Paul N. Edwards

Nine named AAAS Fellows from Stanford and SLAC

News / January 26, 2022
Paul Edwards and eight other faculty from Stanford and SLAC are among the 564 new Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Man smiling

The U.S. is giving Ukraine weapons and political support, but not troops

Q&As / January 20, 2022
The U.S. and its partners have sent weapons to Ukraine. They've provided political and moral support. But if Russia invades, Ukraine's army looks to be largely on its own against a stronger...

The Biden Nuclear Posture Review: Defense, Offense, and Avoiding Arms Races

Commentary / January 19, 2022
President Joe Biden’s administration is conducting a missile defense review in parallel with its Nuclear Posture Review (NPR). Those reviews will determine whether to adjust the nuclear and missile...
earth surrounded by blue lighting

Meet the Nuclear Sleuths Shaking Up U.S. Spycraft

Commentary / January 19, 2022
Armed with Internet connections rather than security clearances, scholars, hobbyists and conspiracy peddlers are forcing intelligence agencies to rethink how they do business.
missile launching

Analysis: N.Korea’s 'hypersonic missile' tests raise military stakes in Asia

Commentary / January 14, 2022
"These sorts of offense-defence races have been taking place globally for many decades now, and what we consistently see is that offence has the advantage," said Cameron Tracy, a researcher...
Vladimir Putin

After U.S.-Russia, NATO-Russia and OSCE Meetings, What Next?

Commentary / January 13, 2022
During the last two months of 2021, Russia created a crisis by deploying large military forces near Ukraine and demanding security guarantees from the United States and NATO.
CTBTO Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo

Key nuclear treaty review plagued by COVID delays as distrust grows

Commentary / January 10, 2022
Today’s security environment calls for a renewed commitment to nonproliferation. No country alone can reverse adverse developments in Iran and dissuade others from seeking nuclear arsenals. Effective...
woman smiling

How Fake Spies Ruin Real Intelligence

Commentary / January 9, 2022
Spy-themed entertainment is standing in for adult education on the subject, and although the idea might seem far-fetched, fictional spies are actually shaping public opinion and real intelligence...
Man smiling

Kremlin’s unwillingness to recognize Ukraine as a sovereign state has resulted in major strategic failure for Russia, Stanford scholar says

Q&As / January 6, 2022
As Russia increases its military presence along the Ukrainian border, Stanford scholar Steven Pifer discusses what Russia hopes to achieve and why its policies toward Ukraine are backfiring.
Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons

Herbert Lin On Cyber Threats And Nuclear Weapons

Q&As / January 5, 2022
In this Q&A, Lin discusses his recently released book Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons. He explains that until this publication, the literature about cyber technology’s impact on the nuclear...
Man smiling

Europe's Defense against Russia is, and should Remain, NATO's Core Mission

Commentary / December 28, 2021
In 1991, some 50 years after NATO’s establishment for the defense of Western Europe against a Soviet military threat, the Warsaw Pact disbanded and the Soviet Union collapsed.
Russian Flag

Russia’s draft agreements with NATO and the United States: Intended for rejection?

Commentary / December 21, 2021
Russia maintains the world’s largest nuclear arsenal and the most powerful conventional military forces in Europe. Russian military units currently are deployed — uninvited and unwanted — in Ukraine...
Vladimir Putin

Does the Kremlin Understand Ukraine? Apparently Not

Commentary / December 21, 2021
The abject failure of Russian policy toward Ukraine over the past seven years suggests Vladimir Putin has a flawed understanding of the country.
Valdimir Putin making a speech

Will Russia launch a full military invasion of Ukraine?

Commentary / December 16, 2021
As Russian troops gather on Ukraine’s borders, the outstanding question is whether Russian President Putin is prepared to bear the domestic and international costs of a full-scale invasion or if he’...
Person in suit looking at a smartphone

China’s Fake Twitter Accounts Are Tweeting Into the Void

News / December 15, 2021
China’s state-linked influence operations get very little engagement on Twitter.
Herb Lin

Responding to Fischerkeller on Initiative Persistence

Commentary / December 14, 2021
I have struggled to find something with which I disagree in Michael Fischerkeller’s response to my thought experiment adopting the 2018 U.S. Cyber Command (USCC) Command Vision. A couple of such...
The flags of Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN) members in ASEAN headquarter at Jalan Sisingamangaraja No.70A, South Jakarta, Indonesia. From left the flags of: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thail

China Wants to Join Southeast Asia’s Nuclear-Free Zone. Why Now?

Commentary / December 9, 2021
President Xi Jinping recently announced that China wants to adhere to Southeast Asia’s nuclear-free zone “as early as possible" to become the first nuclear state to join the pact. Musto finds...
photo of a tank

Is Russia preparing for war?

Commentary / December 9, 2021
As Russia builds up forces near Ukraine, it continues to insist its troops are there simply to conduct military exercises. While exercises are routine, they have also historically been used by Russia...
Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin shaking hands

Russia-Ukraine: Biden did the Needed with Putin

Commentary / December 8, 2021
US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin spoke via video link for around two hours on December 7 in a hastily arranged virtual summit to address international concerns over a...
Man smiling

Will Russia Invade Ukraine?

Commentary / December 7, 2021
All eyes are on Ukraine (including ours). Steven Pifer, a William J. Perry Research Fellow at CISAC and former ambassador to Ukraine, joins co-host Tom Collina to discuss Putin’s motivations for...
President Biden and Vladimir Putin

What Biden should say to Putin on Ukraine

Commentary / December 6, 2021
President Joe Biden will hold a secure video call with Russian President Vladimir Putin December 7 against the backdrop of a menacing Russian military build-up near Ukraine. U.S. intelligence...
A US Air Force commander simulates launching a nuclear weapon during a test.

Interview: Stanford’s Herbert Lin on “Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons”

Q&As / November 30, 2021
Much of the technology now controlling US nuclear weapons was produced before the rise of the Internet. Newer technology will improve aspects of command, control, and communications related to the US...
Chinese military propaganda depicting the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis of 1958.

Reassessing China’s Capabilities and Goals for Strategic Competition

News / November 29, 2021
On the World Class podcast, Oriana Skylar Mastro argues that in order to set effective policy toward China, the United States needs to better understand how and why China is projecting power.
Reichstag, Berlin

Why Do Governments Reveal Cyber Intrusions?

Commentary / November 24, 2021
Germany held federal elections Sept. 26 to select the new members of the Bundestag. Neither of the leading parties secured enough seats to govern alone. While the three parties likely to constitute...
Man smiling

Need something to worry about: Here comes space junk.

Commentary / November 22, 2021
As if living in space weren’t difficult enough. The Russian military recently tested a direct-ascent antisatellite, or ASAT, missile on an old Soviet orbital, Cosmos 1408.