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Machine intelligence and national security

September 19, 2017

Abstract: Machines are increasingly helping us with cognitive tasks in addition to physical labor.

The Cold War: A World History

April 19, 2017

Abstract: The Cold War was about the rise and the solidification of US power. But it was also about more than that.

Conventional Conflicts with Nuclear-Armed Powers: Prospects for Escalation Control

March 22, 2017

Abstract: Under what conditions could the United States control escalation in a conventional conflict with a nuclear-armed adversary? The possibility that a dispute between the U.S.

Japan's shift in the nuclear debate: a change in its security identity

March 20, 2017

Abstract: Throughout the Cold War, Japanese leaders and policymakers have generally been careful to reflect the public’s firm opposition to anti-nuclear sentiment.

American Military-Technological Superiority in the Age of Cyber Espionage, Globalization and of the Rise of China

January 31, 2017

Abstract: How easily and quickly can states rise in the military domain? Do industrial espionage and in particular cyber-espionage facilitate and accelerate this process?

Russia’s Evolving Military Strategy

January 27, 2017

Abstract: Russia’s adaptation to the changing character of war has been an object of an ongoing discussion among security experts.

New Weapons and Norms of War: Submarines and Poison Gas in World War I

October 18, 2016

Abstract: New defense technologies raise complex questions about states’ abilities to project force, consequences for civilian casualties, and reactions by foreign leaders and publics.

Negotiation in War

September 8, 2016

Abstract: What role do negotiations play in the midst of interstate wars?

Meet Your Army: Now, What Do You Want Us to Do?

August 30, 2016

Abstract: The Army is in a period of Transition and Transformation, where the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan are supposed to be over or winding down, in theory enabling the force to rebalance and...

Implications of the Chinese military's uses of cyber for inter-state crisis management

August 1, 2016

Lunch will be served. Please RSVP to allow for an accurate headcount.Abstract: Dr.

Information and War: Lessons from the Empirical Studies of Conflict Project

April 21, 2016

Abstract:  In recent decades, social scientists have begun to employ the rigorous research methods that used to be the province of the natural sciences.

From Nations to Networks: The Changing Dynamics of Space Power and Governance

March 23, 2016

Abstract: The conventional wisdom about current space dynamics paints a picture of a rising China, a resurgent Russia, and a drifting United States.

Strategies of Insurgent Diplomacy

February 25, 2016

Abstract: From the Trent Affair of 1861, to Yasser Arafat’s speech at the United Nations in 1974, to Syrian opposition lobbying today, acts of insurgent diplomacy have defined some of the most...

The Knife, The Bomb, And the Spoken Word: Psychological Warfare And the Origins Of French Counterinsurgency In Algeria, 1954-1962

January 21, 2016

Abstract: In November 1954, French Algeria erupted in violence.  Confronted with a growing nationalist revolution, French authorities turned to not only to repression, but to a radical program of...

Security challenges in the new space age

December 7, 2015

Abstract: The years ahead will likely include hundreds of small satellites launched into orbit, more countries operating in space, and continued investment in anti-satellite capabilities by China...

Writing About War

July 1, 2015

Writing About War - Award-winning writers in conversations about the ethics of warThis year marks both the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War and the 14th year that U.S.

Self-Regulatory Lessons From the US Commercial Nuclear Power Industry: Why Does It Work and Why Can’t It Be Replicated?

May 12, 2015

Abstract: In the early morning hours of March 28, 1979, began a series of events that led to a partial meltdown of the reactor core at Unit 2 of the Three Mile Island nuclear plant and the worst...

“No room for make-believe”: Making sense of US nuclear war plans during the Cold War

April 30, 2015

Abstract: Scholars know quite a lot about U.S. nuclear war planning from the end of World War II to the end of the Cold War.

The Development of ‘Classic’ Counterinsurgency (COIN) 1954-1970: A conceptual analysis

March 12, 2015

Abstract: The presentation is concerned with the intellectual history and analysis of the emergence of ‘classic COIN’.

The Strategic Culture of the Pakistan Army: Explaining Pakistan's Persistent Revisionism

March 5, 2015

Abstract: I seek to explain Pakistan’s persistent revisionism towards India even though it has bequeathed mostly failures, brought international opprobrium upon Pakistan, and has imperiled the...

A Farewell to Arms? The Geography of Recruitment and Remilitarization

February 26, 2015

Abstract: What happens to armed organizations after they sign peace accords? Why do they remilitarize or demilitarize?

The Enduring Role of US Nuclear Weapons

February 3, 2015

Due to the combination of a great response and our space constraints, this event is now full. We regret that we cannot accept any more RSVPs.

The USAF Weapons School and the B-52H: Integrating Legacy and 5th Generation Platforms in order to Inspire and Transform

June 4, 2014

Abstract: Weapons School is the premier USAF tactical school producing advanced air, space and cyberspace leaders/tacticians capable of transforming and inspiring the nation’s joint combat power....

The Future of Post-Election Afghanistan

May 13, 2014

Due to the interest generated by this seminar, we have exceeded our seating capacity and are not able to accommodate any more guests.


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