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Enhancing Implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1540

In Resolution 1540, the United Nations Security Council, acting under its Chapter VII power to adopt measures that are legally binding on all U.N.

Feeding the World in the 21st Century: Exploring the Connections between Food Production, Health, Environmental Resources, and International Security

This project involves political scientists, economists, and medical researchers to address the question of whether hunger, poverty, disease and agricultural resource constraints foster civil...

Consortium for Research on Information Security and Policy

As part of a response to growing government concern over the threat of cyber attacks directed against critical national infrastructures, the National Security Agency (NSA) contracted with Stanford...


Thomas Fingar Fellow
Amy Zegart Senior Fellow Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Professor, by courtesy, Political Science
Michael A. McFaul Senior Fellow Professor, Political Science, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
David Holloway, CISAC David Holloway Senior Fellow Professor, History, Professor, Political Science
Karl Eikenberry Karl Eikenberry Professor of the Practice Fellow, S-APARC, Core faculty, CISAC, Affiliate, CDDRL, Affiliate, TEC
Jeremy M. Weinstein Senior Fellow Professor, Political Science
Steven Ward Steven Ward Junior Faculty Fellow
Yogesh Joshi Yogesh Joshi Nuclear Security Postdoctoral Fellow
Minjia Zhong Minjia Zhong CISAC Honors Student
Elaine Korzak Elaine Korzak Affiliate
Andrew Grotto Andrew Grotto William J. Perry Fellow
Benjamin Valentino Benjamin Valentino Consulting Scholar