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Cyberattack concerns real about U.S. presidential election, Stanford scholar says

August 2016

A real possibility exists that foreign hackers could throw a monkey wrench into the outcome of the U.S. presidential election in the fall, a Stanford expert says.

No Clear Strategy for U.S. Cybersecurity: 2016 Cyber Media Roundtable

May 2016

A recap of the 2016 Cyber Media Roundtable – a partnership between CISAC and the Hoover Institution.

New Stanford Class Targets National Security Problems with Silicon Valley-Style Innovation

May 2016

Student teams use “lean launchpad” startup methodology to innovate at speed and find technological solutions for critical challenges facing America’s defense and intelligence agencies.

Stanford cryptography pioneers Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman win ACM A.M. Turing Award

March 2016

Groundbreaking Diffie-Hellman algorithm enabled a secure Internet, sparked a clash with the NSA that foreshadowed current privacy battles between government agencies and Silicon Valley companies.

Stanford Experts Reveal Latest “Doomsday Clock” Estimate

January 2016

The world remains perilously close to a nuclear disaster or catastrophic climate change that could devastate humanity, according to Stanford experts.

CISAC Cybersecurity Expert Analyzes Anonymous' Hacking Attacks on ISIS

November 2015

By hacking ISIS, Anonymous could throw a wrench into the terror group's activities, and although this type of vigilante-style hacking is illegal in the United States, it's doubtful that anyone...

Cybersecurity Boot Camp Draws Congressional Staffers to Stanford

August 2015

Anything networked can be hacked. Everything is being networked. Therefore everything is vulnerable.

Congressional Staffers Headed to Stanford for Cybersecurity Training

August 2015

Thirty Congressional staffers are set to get a primer on cybersecurity challenges and countermeasures from some of Silicon Valley’s leading academic and industry practitioners as part of an...

CISAC Cybersecurity Expert Gives Senate Testimony on Encryption Risks

July 2015

It’s a technique that’s been used to calculate the odds of everything from the likelihood of a nuclear meltdown to the chances of getting sick from eating bad seafood, but CISAC senior research...

CISAC Honors Alum Publishes Policy-Relevant Thesis Work on Zero-Days

June 2015

A recent Lawfare blogpost by Mailyn Fidler (Class of 2014) featured research findings on zero-day vulnerabilities, the topic of both her CISAC honors thesis and a forthcoming law review paper....

CISAC Celebrates Honors Students' Prize-Winning Research

June 2015

As is the tradition, CISAC's Honors Program in International Studies recently awarded three prizes to some of its students.

USSTRATCOM commander hosts CISAC for policy talks

April 2015

U.S. Navy Adm. Cecil D. Haney, the U.S.

Obama surprises CISAC Honors Students with in-depth talk on global issues

February 2015

Stanford senior Sarah Kunis said she and other CISAC honors students were introducing themselves to some senior White House advisors when President Barack Obama walked in the room.

Obama at Stanford: Industry, government must cooperate on cybersecurity

February 2015

Corporate leaders and government agencies must work more closely together to safeguard computer networks from cyber attacks, President Barack Obama said Friday during a speech at Stanford...

Herb Lin: Stanford will be hub of cyber policy and security

February 2015

Herb Lin has a long agenda crafted from big ideas.

President Obama to visit Stanford for White House Cyber Summit

February 2015

Stanford will welcome President Barack Obama to the campus Friday, Feb. 13, where he will address the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection.

Stuxnet: The world's first cyber weapon

February 2015

The United States has thrust itself and the world into the era of cyber warfare, Kim Zetter, an award-winning cybersecurity journalist for WIRED magazine, told a Stanford audience.

Stanford to host White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection

January 2015

 The White House announced it will host a Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection at Stanford on Feb.

STRATCOM Commander: Deterrence remains foundation of national security

December 2014

American deterrence, though traditionally centered on the nuclear triad, is becoming ever more integrated and dependent on other technologies in space and the cyber world, Admiral Cecil D.

Cyber fellow Jonathan Mayer takes the true interdisciplinary path

June 2014

Jonathan Mayer's education path is unusuall: He has earned a Stanford law degree while working on his Ph.D. in computer science.


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