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Homeland Security

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The Security Conundrum Speaker Series

In an age of terrorism, where should a democratic society draw the line on government surveillance?

Empirical Studies of Conflict

The Empirical Studies of Conflict Project (ESOC) addresses critical challenges to international security through methodologically rigorous, evidence-based analyses of insurgency, civil war and...


Amy Zegart Senior Fellow Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Professor, by courtesy, Political Science
Martha Crenshaw Senior Fellow, Professor, by courtesy, Political Science
Lawrence M. Wein Professor, Management Science
Samuel H. Lisbonne CISAC Honors Student
Kendra Ritterhern CISAC Honors Student
Jane Holl Lute Consulting Scholar
Matthew Spence Matthew Spence William J. Perry Fellow
Andrew Grotto Andrew Grotto William J. Perry Fellow
Betsy Cooper Betsy Cooper Affiliate
Mark Weatherford Mark Weatherford Affiliate
Mim John Miriam "Mim" John Affiliate
Robert Silvers Robert Silvers Affiliate