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“Spytainment”: The Real Influence of Fake Spies

June 2011

An excerpt from "Spytainment: The Real Influence of Fake Spies" (pp.

Game Changers for Nuclear Energy

June 2011

From Game Changers for Nuclear Energy, p.

Mongolia and Her Uranium Prospects

February 2009

The entry of Mongolia to the league of democracy took place less than two decades ago.

Detecting Nuclear Material in International Container Shipping: Criteria for Secure Systems

October 2004

This article grew out of a week-long study in August 2002 to assist ongoing efforts inside and outside the government to remedy some vulnerabilities of the international shipping system on which US...

Learning from Normal Accidents

January 2004

Normal Accidents' growing influence since 1984 on social science scholarship and across academic, business and governmental disciplines was not accidental.

Second Russian Revolution, The

December 2003

Preventive Defense: A New Security Strategy for America

March 1999

The end of the Cold War left the United States in the fortunate position of facing no imminent threat of global war.

Spoiler Problems in Peace Processes

October 1997

The wars of the 1990s confirm a basic finding from the study of civil war termination: "peacemaking is a risky business." The greatest source of risk comes from spoilers - leaders and parties who...

Restructuring of Research Institutes in Russia: The Case of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Research Institute

November 1994

The Soviet Union's economy was overindustrialized and highly militarized, with a disproportionate share of the military industry located in the Russian Republic.

Arms Control by Committee: Managing Negotiations with the Russians

December 1992

This book is essentially a series of case histories of U.S.-Soviet nuclear arms control negotiations, as seen from the American side.


Lawrence M. Wein Professor, Management Science
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Deborah C. Gordon Executive Director, Preventive Defense Project