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Science Seminar Series

The CISAC Science Seminar Series features speakers who present scientific subjects with international security and policy implications.

Ballistic Missile Defense Technology and Policy

Missile defense capabilities play a key role in regional and international security issues.

Science, Technology and Security Seminars (2009-2010)

The Science, Technology and Security Seminars, which were suspended during the 2009-2010 academic year, featured advanced graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars presenting their current...


Rod Ewing Rodney C. Ewing Senior Fellow Professor of Geological Sciences
Herb Lin Herbert Lin Senior Research Scholar
Paul Edwards Paul N. Edwards William J. Perry Fellow
Sam Lisbonne Samuel H. Lisbonne CISAC Honors Student
Kendra Ritterhern Kendra Ritterhern CISAC Honors Student
Thomas Fingar Fellow
Thomas Berson Affiliate
Matthew Daniels Affiliate
Mark Gorenflo Mark Gorenflo Affiliate
David Elliott Affiliate
Anne Clunan Anne Clunan Affiliate
Michael Hsieh Michael Hsieh Affiliate