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"I am a Radioactive Mutant": Emergent Biological Subjectivities at Kazakhstan's Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site

February 2016

The Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site in Kazakhstan was conceived as an experimental landscape where science, technology, Soviet Cold War militarism, and human biology intersected.

A More Systematic Approach to Biological Risk

December 2015

Management of emerging risks in life science and technology requires new leadership and a sober assessment of the legacy of Asilomar.

Efficient, Secure Green: Digital Utopianism and the Challenge of Making the Electrical Grid “Smart”

December 2013

Abstract: Electrical grids have long depended upon information infrastructures—systems for exchanging information about electricity generation, transmission, distribution, and use.

Arguments that Count: Physics, Computing, and Missile Defense, 1949-2012

August 2013

Overview (From a rapidly changing world, we rely upon experts to assess the promise and risks of new technology.

Disowning Fukushima: Managing the credibility of nuclear reliability assessment in the wake of disaster

July 2013

Abstract: This paper reflects on the credibility of nuclear risk assessment in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima meltdowns.

Dual Surface-Functionalized Janus Nanocomposites for Simultaneous Tumor Cell Targeting and Stimulus-Induced Drug Release

July 2013

First paragraph of the article: One of the critical challenges in medical diagnosis and therapy using nanotechnology is the assembly of multiple components in a multifunctional delivery system....

State Strategies in Multi-Ethnic Territories: Explaining Variation in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc

February 2013

Abstract After the collapse of the Soviet bloc, its twenty-seven successor states were charged with devising policies with respect to their ethnic minorities.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Explaining Variation in Western Jihadists' Choice between Domestic and Foreign Fighting

February 2013

This article studies variation in conflict theater choice by Western jihadists in an effort to understand their motivations.

Atomic Aversion: Experimental Evidence on Taboos, Traditions, and the Non-Use of Nuclear Weapons

February 2013

How strong are normative prohibitions on state behavior?

From a "Dead Albatross" to Lincoln Labs: Applied Research and the Making of a Normal Cold War University

September 2012

AbstractLarge, military-funded, applied research laboratories became a common and controversial feature of Cold War academe.

The Application of Ecological Theory Toward an Understanding of the Human Microbiome

June 2012

Abstract The human-microbial ecosystem plays a variety of important roles in human health and disease.

Nuclear Fuel in a Reactor Accident

March 2012

Abstract Nuclear accidents that lead to melting of a reactor core create heterogeneous materials containing hundreds of radionuclides, many with short half-lives.

The Partnership: Five Cold Warriors and Their Quest to Ban the Bomb

January 2012

From Harper Collins publishers: Offering a clear analysis of the danger of nuclear terrorism and how it can be prevented, The Partnership sheds light on one of the most divisive security issues...

Disciplining Technopolitics: Physics, Computing, and the ‘Star Wars’ Debate

December 2011

Abstract: How do experts evaluate complex techno-political futures? This essay addresses the question by showing how scientists and engineers confronted U.S.

Implementing Change: Organizational Challenges

December 2011

An excerpt from "Implementing Change: Organizational Challenges" (pp. 309-310): Improving organizational performance is never easy.

Nuclear non-proliferation

November 2011

Textbook Synopsis From Cambridge University Press online: How will we meet rising energy demands? What are our options? Are there viable long-term solutions for the future?

Hedy's Folly: The Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World

November 2011

Book description from Random House: What do Hedy Lamarr, avant-garde composer George Antheil, and your cell phone have in common?

“Spytainment”: The Real Influence of Fake Spies

June 2011

An excerpt from "Spytainment: The Real Influence of Fake Spies" (pp.

Game Changers for Nuclear Energy

June 2011

From Game Changers for Nuclear Energy, p.

Orbital Debris-Debris Collision Avoidance

March 2011

Abstract We investigate the feasibility of using a medium-powered (5kW) ground-based laser combined with a ground-based telescope to prevent collisions between debris objects in low-Earth orbit ...

The Causes of Nuclear Weapons Proliferation

March 2011

Abstract: This critical review of the new political science literature on the causes of nuclear weapons proliferation consists of four parts.

Global Migration Governance

February 2011

"Alexander Betts is one of a handful of scholars who have mastered the complex field of Global Migration Governance.

From Death Rays to Light Sabers: Making Laser Weapons Surgically Precise

January 2011

Abstract: This paper explores how, in the two decades following the laser's invention, the popular image of the laser weapon was transformed from a terrifying "death ray" capable of contaminating...

Israel’s 1979 Nuclear Test and the U.S. Cover-Up

January 2011

First paragraph of the article: In the wake of the 1963 Partial Test Ban Treaty, the United States launched a series of satellites under the name Vela (after a constellation in the southern...


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