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International Security Fellowships

International Security Fellowships

International Security Fellowships

International Security Fellowships

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Research Topics

CISAC's International Security Fellowship Program offers pre and postdoctoral students and professionals in the social sciences opportunities for concentrated study in a multidisciplinary environment. Fellows are expected to produce a research product (e.g., dissertation chapters, draft articles, a book manuscript) by the end of their fellowship year. The Center considers applicants working within a broad range of topics related to peace and international security. Suitable topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • transnational processes, including illicit flows of people, money, and arms
  • rising powers and global governance
  • causes, prevention and settlement of conflicts
  • determinants of post-war settlements
  • the interaction of science, politics and policy
  • nuclear energy and nucler nonproliferation
  • climate change and human security

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Fellowships are available to PhD candidates who have made substantial progress toward the completion of their dissertation and to scholars with PhD or equivalent degrees from the United States and abroad. The Center invites applications from a variety of areas of expertise, including anthropology, economics, history, law, political science, sociology, medicine, and the natural and physical sciences. The Center also seeks applications from professionals, such as lawyers, military officers or civilian members of the United States government, members of military or diplomatic services from other countries, and journalists interested in international security issues. All applicants, including those not seeking financial assistance, must submit complete applications.

To Apply

Please visit CISAC's How to Apply page.

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